Love? and Hip Hop? by Angenita Williams

Love? and Hip Hop? by Angenita Williams


OK – So –

I KNOW a lot has been said about Mimi and her shower rod scene.

THIS is REALLY an issue, especially since two more Love and Hip Hop cast members are rumored to have a sex tape as well.

“Reality” TV has gone just a tad bit too far. Is this really the claim to fame?

There are young ladies who aspire to be a “Basketball Wife” or want to be a part of the “Love and Hip Hop” phenomenon. Many feel as though being attached to someone rich and famous is the only way they will have all they need in life. A fat booty, a nice chest, and small waist are considered their assets, and their key to hook and keep a man.

From what I’ve read, Mimi has a five-year-old daughter with Stevie J. (Correct me if I’m wrong L&HH fans.) The extreme issue…she was mentally and emotionally abused, and dragged through the mud by a man – publicly. And now, she has been exploited by another man – publicly.

If a man really loves you, would he really agree to put you out there like that? What makes a woman do this when she has a baby who has to live in her shadow? What is she really showing her daughter, or other young ladies out there? That it’s quite alright to leave a bad situation, and get into another situation to be used again? 

 Mimi is a grown woman. True. She can do what she wants. True. She can screw who she wants. True.

But she has someone looking up to her…a little girl that calls her mommy. A little girl who will utilize what she sees in order to make her own decisions about life. A little girl who will be able to Google Mimi, and watch a man get his way with her mother. 

She’ll also see how her dad treats women – from the inside AND outside. How will she allow herself to be treated?

What’s even more sad – her mom and dad have not thought of the example they are setting for her. Only the fame, and the fortune, of being simply ratchet.

Am I being judgmental? Probably. Have I made some questionable choices? Most definitely. But at forty-something…I don’t know…


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