Ruby by Angenita Williams

Courtesy of Essence Magazine

Courtesy of Essence Magazine

A ruby is a deep red stone of nobility, devotion, and desire that symbolizes fire and blood – love – and immortality. Beautiful and breathtaking – no matter how it ages. Even when its time to reign is over, what it symbolizes is instilled in those who sought it out and were able to visualize it. Those lucky enough to view its luster hold on to the memories for a lifetime.

That’s what I feel when I think of Ruby Dee.

The activist, actress, screenwriter, mother and wife passed away a little over a week ago. Her grace. Her tenacity. Her voice. Silenced. A precious gem called home.

Small in stature, her voice captured your attention. She reminded you of the lady on the street that everyone respected – even the hardest and hardened criminal. She put you in the mind of the little lady who welcomed everyone new to the block.

Now she is gone.

It hurts especially deep because it seems like we are losing legendary trailblazers by the week.

The deaths of her and Maya Angelou touch me…mainly because of what both women symbolized in our community, in our world, and most definitely in their works. Never boastful. Classy. Sassy. Relevant. Rich in wisdom and history. Precious gems lost.

Who shall walk in their footsteps? Who can even come close to these women? Who can fill those now open gaps where they stood?

Looks like we all have some work to do.

Rest In Heaven, Ms. Ruby Dee…





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