Summer 2014 – Celebration Time by Delina Hill-Brooker

I haven’t blogged much lately, it’s not because I didn’t want to, or because I didn’t have anything to talk about, but because I’ve been too busy partying and celebrating.
Celebration #1 – Our oldest son DeVon graduated from high school. The majority of our family was here, we hosted 14 people inside our home. We had several mini parties from that Wednesday through Saturday before the main party on Sunday. We had a water balloon fight, a block party and a BBQ. (Good thing we are friends with all of our neighbors) 😀 For the main party we celebrated with two other graduates who are like my niece and nephew. We had people come to visit from all over. A lot of old friends stopped by, I taught my mother and mother –in-love all of the new dances and we tore the dance floor UP! I laughed and clowned and literally had no voice the next morning.


My mother stayed with us from graduation through the celebration #2, two weeks later which was my brother’s wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding! The bride was stunning. Her family is loving, and kind and very welcoming. We danced the whole night! The next morning we had a beautiful brunch at the bride’s parent’s house.


You would think that we would have enough, that’s not the case. After we left brunch we drove an hour to visit my father-in-law (#3) to celebrate his 80th birthday, and to spend the day with that side of our family.


We finally made it home to regroup, and rest. All of our body clocks were off. We had been up at all kinds of crazy hours. It felt weird to not have a house full of people to entertain. Oh yeah and our middle son was invited to a birthday party. (#4)
You would think that, that that would be enough partying, still not true. Yesterday we celebrated a friend’s birthday. (#5) This weekend we have friends renewing their vows. (#6) They have been blessed to be married for 20 years. After that is my husband’s birthday (#7). And not to mention another round of more family coming to visit until school begins. (#8)
We missed both of our family reunions, but this year 2014 has been a year to celebrate. There have been so many wonderful reasons to celebrate. I’ve loved spending time with my family. It makes me miss them even more because we’ve spent so much time together this summer. We only live once. Celebrate while you can. Express love while you can.


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  1. Lisa D on

    Sounds like you had a great time and still having a great time! Enjoy your summer and family time is always the best time. Keep living in the moment! I am enjoying family time in Destin now living in the moment. It is important to teach and show our kids how Iimportant family time is and will always be. God bless you and love you!

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