The Correlation of Birth Control and Violence by Angenita Williams

The Supreme Court voted that Hobby Lobby could basically not offer birth control based on their religious beliefs. So, someone that believes that birth control is wrong can override someone who believes that birth control is right.

Once again, allowing everyone but the individual woman to decide her reproductive future.

It’s a shame that as women, we have to be dictated to about the life we chose to bring, or not to bring, into the world. It’s crazy because it seems like this whole “moral” thing is way outta hand. Not saying you shouldn’t have morals, but dang. Aren’t there affairs in the pulpit…darn near everyday? Where are THEIR morals? Doesn’t it seem funny that morals come into play when it benefits someone’s situation?

For the life of me, I cannot understand why women are actually ok with this. Whether you believe in abortion and birth control, or not, wouldn’t you like to have the choice to decide when and where you want to have a child? The father of the child has it easy – he can just walk away when he wants to. Whether you are married or not. He has the choice to stay. Mother doesn’t. I mean, if his “morals” decide that Suzy in the short tight skirt is enticing, I mean, wife and baby are second thoughts. But HE can decide to keep his significant other barefoot and pregnant.

That is crazy to me.

And then you have the issue of violence increasing daily. Why do you think that is?

It goes beyond babies having babies.

When you have a child who is missing an integral piece of their lives, they tend to turn that anger towards anyone that looks like that missing part. Think of all the children out here who were “oops” babies, and the mother just couldn’t deal.

What does our foster care system look like? And that’s WITH access. Imagine how it will look without it…


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