Two Things I Am Ready For by Delina Hill-Brooker

There are a few things that I’m REALLY ready for. The first & main thing is, I’m ready for my tiny humans to go back to school. Like, immediately! Like, right now. Like, I don’t think I can wait until Monday. Not only am I tired of their whining, complaining, bickering, constant lounging on all of the furniture, running in and out of the house letting a million flies in, the nonstop sounds of all of the Disney Channels & shows (which I happen to know by heart & I’m upset that every TV has been taken over), and complaints of I’m bored & hungry. (They’ve had a really good & busy summer, we’re supposed to be bored so we can rest & relax). But these little boogers have eaten so much good it’s ridiculous! Yesterday before football practice our 8 year old ate 2 pork chops & rice. A few hours later, after practice, he has 2 full plates of spaghetti & salad. Our 6 year old daughter just wants bread and snacks. Any kind of snack instead of food. Oh and we’re not going to talk about the oldest (18 year old boy). Nope, I’ll spare you the details! Plus I just need a mental break. Not a kid asking me for something every 20 min or crying because one of the other siblings won’t stop looking at them.

Okay the next thing I’m ready for is the 50 Shades of Grey movie. I’ve been waiting for this movie since I read the trilogy & could see it playing out in my mind. That being said, let me say this: I am sooooo not impressed with the casting! Anastasia, looks like I thought she would but Christian Grey!?!?!? I mean the guy isn’t ugly by any means, but he’s no Christian Grey! His eyes are not piercing like Christian’s. His abs are not as chiseled as Christian’s. And even if I could look beyond all of that, when I watched their interview on the Today Show, they didn’t seem happy, excited or anything. Like, someone didn’t speak to them about movie promo’s! Nevertheless, I really want to see how it plays out on the big screen.


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