Sometimes, You Just Gotta Party by Angenita Williams

It’s no secret that I work HARD. I hold down multiple jobs and wear multiple hats. Sometimes, I forget that life can be fun without working so much all the time. So, this past weekend, I pinned up the hair (Thanks Chyna!), went to a networking event (the Net-Party with Jason Miller and crew), celebrated the birthday of a homeboy (Happy Birthday Ranell, owner of Flynn Means Business), and an uncle (Happy Birthday Uncle Sherman), and went to the party of a friend of my sissy (thanks for the invite, Tammy).  I got it in…seriously. Four clubs in two nights. And anyone who knows me knows I don’t do anything like that because I realize I am not a spring chicken. LOL. I also met some really good people and socialized.

The reason I am writing about this is because I didn’t realize how relaxing just having a good time was. I had a few drinks, laughed, and danced till I sweat (my legs are paying for it still today). And I was totally relaxed. The usual tension in my neck subsided, and I was able to really get loose and enjoy myself without the worry of work, deadlines, or missed opportunities. I felt that I shouldn’t have time for play when on my road to success, but a little playtime won’t hurt. If you keep going without it, a burn out is sure to come…and that is where I was. I really couldn’t get focused. This weekend brought me to the conclusion that sometimes, you just gotta party.

I slept like an Angel. My creative juices have begun to flow once more, and now it’s grind time again. I can remained focus on things a little bit more, and all it took was some downtime. I won’t make that mistake again.

Have a good week!



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