Transition by Delina Hill-Brooker

We got our oldest off to college. TALK ABOUT A TRANSITION. I’ve tried to not to be a smother mother. I’m learning how to mother and support an adult child. I am beyond proud of him and know that he will do well. I’m not worried about his decision making skills or anything of that nature, what worries me is the people around him! BUT he is loving his new environment, his classes, new friends and opportunities. He’s already done some internships, and is having fun, learning how to be an adult in these situations.

The house is defiantly different without him there. We are adjusting to everything that he contributes to the household. Our youngest two children miss him dearly. He came home for Labor Day, and they were shocked and ecstatic to see him. He joked about how much he missed the refrigerator and pantry.

Since he is in this new generation, he’s not much of a phone talker, but he texts me often and tells me things that are going on. He is already thinking ahead of all of the things that he wants to do. College life looks good on him.

My baby isn’t a baby, he’s spreading his wings and is ready to soar!!!!!College


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