Did We Forget That We Came From Royalty? By Delina Hill-Brooker

Let me start out by saying I’m sorry for not blogging in long while. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, (trust me; I ALWAYS have something to say). I’ve just been overly swamped with my life and kind of got out of rhythm, BUT I’M BACK with something I’ve been holding my tongue on.
I try not to watch the news obsessively. And by obsessively I mean every day, for hours etc. It’s too depressing and more of the same ole’, same ole’. It just doesn’t make me feel good, if they mostly focus on the wars, robberies, murders and mastermind white collar criminals. I usually tune in every three months or so, so that I can be abreast and not obsessed with what’s going on in the world.

When I first heard of the Mike Brown case, it wasn’t any different. Of course I wasn’t happy about yet another unarmed black male being unjustifiably killed; it reminded me of Trayvon Martin and all of the countless others who ended with similar fates. I did however watch the “breaking news” of the grand jury’s decision. Was I shocked? Hell no. Was I angry? Yes. Was I hurt? Absolutely! I called my son who is in college and never watches the news to tell him, “Do not go outside. Don’t even join in on the protests.” Why? Not because I didn’t want him to stand up for justice, but because I was afraid. How am I supposed to protect this Black young man in times like these when our people are rioting and looting and the police have their guards up?

When I watched the grand jury’s decision on the Eric Garner case, it was the same thing. I was once again reminded that I have two sons who just so happen to be Black. I was once again reminded that the majority of the youth that I am surrounded are young Black men. I was once again reminded that my husband and many of our friends are Black men. With all of those I realized that these things could in fact happen to anyone that I know. It became more personal. All of these attacks (I’ve only mentioned two of them), felt like a personal attack. I was waiting to see what Martin Luther King Jr. would say and I was reminded that “they” got him too. Where is Malcolm? There’s another one.

So you’re just going to continually unjustifiably keep killing our Black men? We’re just supposed to sit here and take it? How can we make this stop? How can we make a change?

This sat with me for days and weeks. We can’t continue to LET these things happen. While I am not okay with the violence, rioting and looting, I do understand the frustration of our people. The battle that we have been fighting is nothing new. This battle started with the first ship of slaves that were brought over to America. We have been in this war for 395 years. 395 years of the devil getting in the minds of the then slave masters and the majority of the Whites to make them believe that they were the superior race and could do any and everything to those who looked differently than them. 395 years of us being treated less than 100% of a person, and the devil brainwashing our people to believe that we were worthless, not equal to any other race of people, and we grew accustomed to accepting the injustice against us.

We never liked it. We always wanted and prayed for a change. Why? Because while the devil was busy doing his work, God was still in the mix and wouldn’t let that THING that let us know differently go. We couldn’t see the how, but we just knew that this was not okay and there had to be, would be a change.

I have a few thoughts on this. As a people we have forgotten where we came from. We were not oppressed people! In Africa, we were royalty. We were not what you see on the infomercials, skinny children, with flies in their faces, and large stomachs. The first people were people on the earth were people of color! These cases are our reminders, our wake up calls. Our children are being attacked. Our men are being murdered.

So what happened? What went wrong? How did we lose our spot? We turned our eyes away from God. We are not teaching our children the values that we had when we began in Africa. Our men are not being fathers. Our mothers are not being mothers. – We are being the fathers and are failing. The men can’t be the fathers because they were not fathered which has been a generational thing because of slavery our family units were continually broken up.

My ultimate thoughts are: History will repeat itself until we learn the lesson. Apparently there is a lesson to be learned. Since we are no longer slaves, segregated, and have the right to vote (even if we don’t always use it), doesn’t mean that we’ve arrived. We’ve become too comfortable and feel privileged when in fact; even at our perceived best we are still not living up to our fullest potential.

Another thought: We all need a major mental and emotional restructuring. Because of our history, we have learned to survive in this environment. A Black man being pulled over by a policeman is a totally different experience than a white man being pulled over. We have been conditioned to think that the standard of beauty is not what we look at in the mirror on a daily basis. The same way we have been conditioned, is the same for other races. They have also been conditioned to look at us in a certain light and expect less than stellar things from us because of their upbringing. We may not want to admit it, but there are prejudices, thoughts and feelings that go on in our heads about others. It’s not right, you may not always act on it, but it’s what we have been brought up as. Our realities are different because our pasts are different. It’s an unfortunate and sad reality. Instead of looking outside of ourselves for the change, the change starts at home. The change starts from within. Be the change that you want to see.

We need more positive examples in the community and media. Instead of complaining about it, be about it. Everyone is not meant to do everything, but everyone can vote! Start by being an informed voter to make sure the people we are putting into positions will do what is needed to makes sure the law is upheld. Stop focusing on only your family unit, go back to our roots, it takes a village to raise a family.

I got a little off base of what I wanted to say, but that’s where I am right now. This is how I feel. God bless.


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  1. Rev. Vanessa Robinson on

    Thank you for refreshing our memories, we are sons and daughters of the most high God, and we were given dominion and power over the enemy, which can comes to us in many forms. We mus not be deceived, his purpose is to kil, and with all that’s going on today, he is fulfilling his purpose. Now we must fulfill ours,

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