Christmas…Again…by Angenita Williams

I could go on and on about the tragedy that keeps happening in this world. I mean, two police officers were gunned down in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend. The killer posted on Instagram about how he was about to put angels on two pigs with a picture of the supposed murder weapon…

Now, calls to stop the protestors have come about. Saying protesters started this.

Um. No. Killing unarmed men and having no justice started this. Police brutality started this.

Not peacefully protesting against injustices. There have been condolences throughout the movement for the lost officers. Besides the person that did this was not a part of any movement, however he was an angered lunatic who shot his girlfriend earlier that day. So he is an abuser…and not linked to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But of course, the protests and protesters have everything to do with it. And are therefore blamed for the psychotic act of one person.

It’s a shame that people are blaming Al Sharpton, Mayor DeBlasio, and others for speaking out against an unjust grand jury decision. Why not just stop for a minute and take responsibility for the part you played in this whole senseless, avoidable tragedy?

Because…systematic supremacy supersedes common sense. The powers that be have the power. And those without need to basically shut up, sit down, and take it.

That would be a negative.

What’s really sad, instead of taking a look in the mirror, they wanna say, “Black people need to quit killing each other.” While that may be true, white people need to quit killing each other too. The rates are virtually the same, maybe a 6% or 7% difference. So how about the murder rate just stop anyway? Can people just stop killing people period?

Dang. I was supposed to talk about the five years that I’ve been single at Christmas. I guess the state of the nation, and our community is a tad bit more important than a soliloquy about being single at the holidays…

Besides, Christmas is a celebration of love. And right now, this nation really needs it…that and a dose of common sense and self-reflected responsibility. If those who have the privilege to systematically oppress can’t open their eyes to see it, then basically, it’s fight until y’all get it right.

Merry Christmas. And stay safe.


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