Hands Up – A New Meaning by Delina Hill-Brooker

I was at my sons basketball game and everyone in the crowd was cheering for the kids and yelling, “Hands up! Hands up!” Although I know that they wanted them to be prepared to be able to get the ball, it instantly took my mind to Michael Brown and the “Hands Up” campaign.

From my perspective, looking onto the court where there were mostly Black boys and how this saying has already changed for them. I figured that they weren’t thinking along the same lines as I was. Mostly because they are boys and unless they are directly affected by something then they wouldn’t be in the same head space as me. Another thought, they should be more aware because this is their reality & they need to be aware.

It is so sad and unfortunate that the constant violence against our young, Black boys has changed the way that we have to raise them, how they need to react in private and in public. I can’t imagine always having to be on alert for my life. We have to do something. 2015 cannot be like 2014 in regards to the violence against us. I should be able to fully enjoy watching my son enjoy playing basketball without fearing the unknown.


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  1. Rae on

    Good job girly

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