It’s That Time Again by Angenita Williams

I know it’s a little late…

As many know, my birthday brings about a lot of reflection. I thought about everything I went through in the past year, what my hits and misses were, and how much I have grown or digressed. I thought about this world…my kids…my grandkids. I thought about my mom…my brothers…and my nephews. My friends…my family…

And my conclusion to everything is…

No matter how bad something is, it’s something that can be overcome. And just because it looks really good doesn’t mean that it all is. Figuratively and literally.

It really is all about how you perceive it. And if you are not careful, your perception can be thrown off with the slight move of the wind. It can veer to the good or bad…it will have you thinking that a bad thing is good and a good thing is bad.

I made some smart choices last year. I made some dumb decisions. I ventured outside of my comfort zone just a smidgen…and I didn’t lose my face…

This month, I am really outside my comfort zone. I am going to publicly discuss my survival of a sexual assault. That’s big for me. I talk about everything else – I am pretty transparent. But this…I touched on in Revealing & Healing. I didn’t dive into it a lot, but this month, I’m diving. And although I’m nervous, I’m wanting to do it. I need to do it. For me. For my sister who hears me through that phone. For anyone that has gone through it. For those that I personally know went through it. For those that survived it.

In essence, I am moving forward. One step at a time. Doors have been opened for me. Doors have closed. I’ve tripped. I’ve fallen. I’ve been pulled. I’ve been pushed.

Yet. I stand.

Next year will be a big one. Another decade begins. I can say good-bye to my thirties. My plans are to keep moving and pushing…keep growing…keep blooming…and most of all; choose to be what I desire to be…not what decides to make me.

Happy Spring.


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