Goodbye 2015 by Angenita Williams and Delina Hill-Brooker


2015 was a crazy year.

Personally, I had some tough challenges and tough decisions to make. Some I wasn’t so sure of, others were a no-brainer. I also dealt with loss, being single, being a Momma Bear, and growing.

I’ve become a little stronger, a little wiser, and a little more self aware. I understand my strengths, but more importantly, I get my weaknesses. I understand me a little more, which helps me understand the things that go on around me. I’ve fallen. I’ve risen. I’ve failed. I’ve triumphed.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how crazy this world was this year. Our young, and old, Black people killed without reprieve. Terrorists blowing everything up. Racism rearing its extremely ugly head. And this is a world that I brought children into. I worry about my kids the moment they are not in my sight…and I have a grown son and a teen daughter. As the mother of Black kids, I have a fear. And maybe that’s the point…

I’m looking forward to 2016. January 1st jumpstarts my year of Forty & Fabulous. Watch me work…

Bye 2015!

~ Angenita


2015, Good ole’ 2015…What can I say? Well I’ve accomplished a lot this year and started things that I had no idea that I could do. I’ve grown as a person spiritually and emotionally and I can say that I am better because of it. 2015 wasn’t as eventful as most of my previous years and that is quite alright. It’s good to have a “down” season so that you can reflect and refresh and get ready to take on new tasks and ventures. Thank you 2015 for teaching me how to simply sit and listen to our Creator and simply believe that in His timing all things He has promised will come to fruition. God bless and Happy New Year!

~ Delina


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