We Lost the Youth in #FLINT by Angenita Williams

I’m sure everyone knows about the Flint water crisis by now. And everyone has read a lot about it. The health issues, rebuilding infrastructure, how businesses will probably leave Flint, how homes are worth nothing, and the do nothing Governor Snyder. But there is so much more at stake.

While the health issues and costs will be astronomical, there is a more pressing issue here.

Governor Snyder has efficiently and effectively committed genocide on the poor, disenfranchised, and majority minority population in Flint, and across Michigan. And he can give two fucks about it. He hired a PF firm to protect his image. This is classicism at it’s finest hour. But let’s not mistake it; racism is there intermingling and dancing around.

The level of genocide has nothing to do with the physical aspects of the poisoning. Governor Snyder has killed an entire generation of lawyers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, teachers, coaches, and game changers that could have made a huge impact on our society, in particular the Black community. One of the brains he damaged could have housed the key to eliminating cancer and HIV. Many of those brains could have taught the next generation about how they matter in this society. I’m willing to bet that there was a forward thinking activist or two in that bunch. He killed off the brains of the youth. He turned them into zombies with limited brain function. The crime is already horrible in Flint. What happens when you completely destroy impulse control and reasoning capabilities?

Physical genocide.

What about those who suffer from HIV, lupus, or some other autoimmune disorders? They are already compromised, so you are also killing off the already sick. Legionnaires’ disease has seen an upswing in Flint – killing ten already.

Physical genocide.

I look at this like he is trying to “cleanse” Michigan. Look at Detroit. The poisoning of the children there is happening in dilapidated schools. He took the voices away from his citizens. He stripped away change. I wonder if he is the poster child for the Republican party. I mean, that’s EXACTLY how you rid yourself of those who are lazy, non-working, welfare having drags on society. Cause you know, those that are poor, are only poor because they WANT to be. As if this very system had absolutely nothing to do with the state of affairs for the poor.

He is running a dictatorship. There is no democracy in Michigan if your city is poor. He should not be in office. The respectful thing to do would be to step down. Admit you made a mistake, and you are not doing anything to correct it. Admit that you, personally YOU, cannot and will not fix it. Have some sort of decency. I guess that is asking too much…

The cost of losing our children though. Our babies for whom we have hopes and dreams for. The children we bring forth to change this world we live in. To have that taken away. To have it dismantled at the hands of an official whose job is to act on behalf of the citizens of his state. That is infuriating. Disappointing.

He didn’t even stop to think of the babies. He launched all out warfare on building strength in the community, so maybe he DID think about the babies. And aren’t Republicans always talking about, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps?” What if they successfully remove the strongest bootstrap you have?

Physical genocide.




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