Delina Hill-Brooker

Even as a young child, delina (with a small d for the stage) showed an extreme interest in music, particularly singing and writing. She has developed to be an extremely driven and talented vocalist with a range from first soprano to tenor. delina has been has been recording music since 1997 and has worked with some of the most notable songwriters and producers in the business including Will Baker and Pete Woodruff of HitStreet (Pink, India Arie and Divine), Felony Davis and Earl Robinson of Public Announcement (Body Bumpin’, John Doe), Christopher Starr of CSP Music Group (Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Bilge and David Banner), and a host of others.

Although delina primarily sings R&B and Gospel music, she is a classically trained vocalist who is able to easily transition into different musical genres. delina has also added jingles, stage plays and screenplay writing to her list of talents.

Not only is delina a dynamic vocalist, she is also a inspirational speaker, freelance editor, and co-author of Revealing and Healing: 3 Women’s Stories of Survival. In addition, she was also the Executive Producer of the Sounds of Healing compilation CD that accompanies the book. delina was featured in two songs on the ATL Bomb Squad Volumes 3 & 4 compilation CD’s (Sticky Situation and Just Can’t Take It) in 2002. delina was the vocal producer and background vocalist for the Gospel artist Terrell Walker in 2010, as well as a background vocalist for First Lady Sister Davina Williams in 2009 and 2015. delina was a finalist in Steve Harvey’s Rising Star singing competition that also aired on BET’s Centric station in 2010.

“I love all things creative and positive.” ~ delina

delina is available for bookings for weddings, funerals, studio sessions, background vocals, public speaking and special events in the Atlanta area. For booking inquiries please contact her at

                      Facebook: delina                 Twitter: LionessDelina

                      Instagram: LionessDelina   YouTube: LionessVizions


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5 comments so far

  1. crystal graves on

    yes from the moment i met Delina it was easy to see that she is a wonderful person well rounded,this lady is super smart,super funny and loves her family ,she’s the best and yes she’s my sista n law but its all true

  2. Delina Hill-Brooker on

    Awwww Thx Sis’ ‘n law. I love you, miss you, can’t wait to see you again.

  3. Lynn on

    I remember being a Sr. in high school, Delina a Jr. and both of us in the 1995 Spring Fashion Show. Delina along with about 4 other laides sung acapella “Be Happy” by Mary J. Blige. I remember thinking, “one of them is going all the way” and as I thought that very thought, Delina began singing a solo of sorts within the song. It never occured to me until recent years what had happened in that moment; the Universe was speaking and it spoke the truth!

    Nothing but blessings to you, lil’ sis!

  4. Delina Hill-Brooker on

    Awwwwwwwww Sniff Sniff Sigh Lynn. That is so sweet. Girl that fashion show will go down in history I’m excited AND nervous about a True Hollywood Story with THAT footage lol lol. Thanks for always just being you!

  5. valarie craig on

    Delina, I read your article and I wish you well and great success. I pray that as you grow progress and reach the stair-steps that the pollutants of success don’t pull you down into the morass.

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